Charne was a housemate in Big Brother 2012. She Placed 16th out of 16. She was the first person eviced from the big brother house. She was known for not being the most social housemate and cleaning the house.

Big Brother 2012Edit

Week Status
1 Nominated
2 Evicted
Evicted Day 14

Charne entered the house on day 0 along with 9 other housemates making her one of the original 10. Entering the house as one of the older housemates, Charne struggled fitting in with the others and spent most of the time cleaning. In the first week, Charne and the other female housemates had a task to guess the male housemates secrets. She found she was often not heard amongst the other females and was neglected during this task. She continued struggling to fit in for the whole week and would never stop cleans (because of her OCD) When the females failed there task of guessing the male housemates secrets, the male's were all given immunity and only females could be nominated. When it was her time to nominate, Charne nominated Zoe for 3 points and Stacey for 2 points. However, Charne was nominated by her other housemates with a total of 22 nomination points. Charne along with Estelle and Layla were nominated and had a 1 in 3 chance of being the first person evicted from Big Brother Australia 2013.

In the second week, the males housemates had to guess the female housemates secrets. Charne's secret was that she had OCD. Which the male housemates quickly figured out because of her constant cleaning. At the end of the week, the male housemates guessed her secret correctly. On the night of evictions, Layla was called safe and Charne and Estelle were the bottom 2. Charne was evicted after reviving 24% of the vote to save her. She was the first person evicted.